Mike Holoway

Flintlock Singles

Learn To Cry/I'm Going Home

A Little Bit Of Lovin'/

Sooner Or Later (February)

Dawn/Thunderman (this was also their only British hit single, reaching number 30)

Sea Of Flames/I've Got My Eye On You (July)

Russian Roulette/

Saddle My Horse

Carry Me/Freeloader

Anything For You/

Coming Around

Mony Mony/One Of A Kind

(Hey You) You're like A Magnet/

Another Time Another Place

Three further singles were released in Japan:

Amorous Lady

Taken All Away

Get With The Boys


Flintlock Albums

On The Way

Hot From The Lock

Tears 'N Cheers

Stand Alone One further album was released in Japan and Germany:

Greatest Hits


Flintlock Flexidisc

A Christmas Message - this was a greeting from the five members of the group to members of the fan club.

Mike Holoway Singles

Overnight/Just Another Song

Come Go With Me/

Beautiful Loser

Here I Am/

Doing Things By Numbers

Don't Let Life Get You Down/Parents (Better Off The Way I Am)


Mike Holoway Album Contributions

Fun City (Record and Tape)

In The Heat Of The Moment Fun City re-issued and re-titled for CD)

Mike Holoway Album Contributions


Humpty Dumpty

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Simply Musicalsperforming What Kind Of Fool Am I

Timeless Generations performing You've Lost That Loving Feeling with Paul Shane

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