Mike Holoway


Arrows Granada Television weekly series hosted by the pop group Arrows. Flintlock appeared on the edition You Must Be Joking Series Two: Thames Television weekly series presented by Jim Bowen with on-screen participation from Mike Holoway and musical performances by Flintlock

Top Of The Pops BBC Television Flintlock appeared to perform Dawn on the edition hosted by Noel Edmunds.

Pauline's Quirkes Thames Television. Flintlock appeared in two programmes Fanfare Series One: Thames Television weekly series presented by Flintlock who also gave musical performances.

The Basil Brush Show BBC Television, presented by Howard Williams, Flintlock appeared as a musical guest on the programme.

Whodunnit? Thames Television, presented by Jon Pertwee. Mike Holoway appeared with Anna Dawson, Anouska Hempel and Jimmy Jewel in the episode titled Instant Coffee, which featured a murder in the oil industry, broadcast on 5 Fanfare Series Two: Thames Television weekly series from presented by Flintlock who also gave musical performances.

Get It Together Granada Television, presented by Megg Nichol, Roy North and Ollie Beak. Flintlock were musical guests on the programme.

Minder Thames Television, Mike Holoway appeared as Zac Zolar/Albert Trout/Alan Trent in the episode titled A Star Is Gorn

T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set Thames Television.

Mike Holoway appeared as Ricky Romero in the programme.

  • Long-running Thames TV Series. Mike Holoway made his debut as Mike Bell in the season four opener first broadcast on his 13th birthday.
  • Season Four
  • One Law
  • Into The Unknown
  • Season Five
  • The Dirtiest Business
  • A Much Needed Holiday
  • The Heart Of Sogguth
    (This story also featured the other members of Flintlock)
  • Season Six
  • The Lost Gods
  • Hitler's Last Secret
  • The Thargon Menace
  • Season Seven
  • Castle Of Fear
  • Achilles Heel
  • Living Skins Season Eight
  • War Of The Empires
    All episodes of The Tomorrow People are available to buy on DVD. Mike Holoway has also reprised his role of Mike Bell for the Big Finish CD audio tapes based on the series. This was released during early 2006 through to the current date and is still available and shown on satellite television channels.